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About Octet

Octet Medical, Inc., (OMI) is a pioneering medical device company based in San Diego, California. The company was founded in 2018 by Cliff Wright. 


The company’s vision is to modernize and significantly enhance the treatment of acute and chronic wounds by means of a proprietary electrostatic delivery system.


Our platform is called the Octet Medical Electrostatic Applicator, or OMEA. OMI’s core technology is based on the Founder’s expertise and deep experience with electrostatic applicators.  Mr. Wright’s patented technology is currently being commercialized as a non-Medical Device applicator for use in coating and disinfecting surfaces in the general public space (hospitals, military installations, schools, gyms, municipal buildings) via Victory Innovations. OMI owns the perpetual and exclusive licensed suite of Victory patents for electrostatic application in the field of medicine. 

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