For far too long topical applications have been limited to indiscriminate spray applications, creams and paint-on methods. These practices lack precision and often requiring contact with patients resulting in pain and discomfort.


OMI is changing that.


 Introducing Octet Medical Electrostatic Applicator, or OMEA.  OMEA is the electrostatic and electrospinning enabled sprayer that will revolutionize the art of effective, contactless, topical application. 

OMEA is highly unique in that it is a multipurpose system specifically designed around the concepts of treatment versatility and simplicity.

One Sprayer. Multiple Cartridges. Wide Spectrum of Use.


The OMEA system utilizes one handheld unit designed to accommodate a variety of disposable cartridges, each with a specific purpose.


Our cartridge-based system maximizes the spectrum of potential medical utility. 


For the electrostatic application of antiseptics and analgesics


For the application of biologics (ECM, Exosomes, Stem Cells)


For the application of electrospun wound dressings

Practical. Ergonomic. Cordless.


OMEA is designed with the clinician in mind.


The handheld sprayer is designed specifically to mitigate the common healthcare provider complaint about plastic tubes and cords associated with atomizers and other spraying units.  

Our cordless sprayer will allow the clinician to maneuver around the patient as well as manipulate the angle of spray without being tethered to a base unit or an outlet.


In addition to superior ergonomics and practicality, the re-chargeable battery can provide hours of spray time on a full charge and the unit is quick to re-charge.

Founded on Proven Technology.


The inventor of the OMEA System, Cliff Wright, is also the inventor of the Victory Sprayer. The Victory sprayer uses similar electrostatic technology in the application of commercial disinfectants.


The Victory Sprayer gained significant notoriety and utility as governments across the world needed the means to disinfect surfaces in a highly effective manner to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


The success of the Victory platform undergirds the potential for the OMEA system to revolutionize topical applications in the field of medicine.